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Management for content creators & athletes

Hi, I’m Jaro!


I’ve been working as an esport/sport and influencer manager for over 5 years at ESL (biggest esport company in the world) and independently. I’ve worked with athletes, commentators, big event hosts, YouTubers, streamers and all sorts of content creators. 

Rainbow 6 event in Montreal I did with ESL


I’ve done a lot of stuff in the media industry in the last decade – I was a journalist, wrote 1000+ articles, produced video commercials, helped to cover the Champions League festival, ran a few marketing campaigns in London and much more. 

Around 5 years ago I joined ESL where I managed over 1500 live broadcasts and worked with a number of live-stream personalities. In the last years I also worked with more than 300+ influencers and TV presenters, created even more videos, worked on live events as a talent manager all over the world (Brasil, USA, Italy, Poland, Germany, Japan among others) and in general learnt a lot about new-media in the internet and traditional television. 



We have been involved in more than 300+ influencer-related campaigns in the last six years. We have experience in TV, social media, video and advertising.

Jarosław Chajduś

Jarosław Chajduś

CEO & Owner

Agnieszka Olejnik

Agnieszka Olejnik

Influencer Specialist

Szymon Przybyłowicz

Szymon Przybyłowicz

Talent Manager

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